How To Pick A Great Name For Your Travel Blog

Gaspar Amador   July 18, 2017   Comments Off on How To Pick A Great Name For Your Travel Blog

Do you enjoy traveling? Are you bored of your corporate job and wish that you could spend your life travelling? Well, it is possible. Travel blogging as means of livelihood is not new anymore. Many millennials have started following this occupation which gives them time, freedom and a chance to get paid for exploring the world! However in order for your travel blog to be a sustainable one, each and every aspect of starting it is important. Of course, you will make mistakes along the way but there is also plenty of research material around if you need help. Here are some tips on how you can name your travel blog effectively.

Short and catchy

The name of your travel blog’s domain is better off being short and catchy. It should be easily read, spelled, understood by all which in turn will generate more shares. Think of what your blog is about. Are you going to be talking about cheap accommodation? Is the blog for the backpacker or the high profile traveler? Consider the importance of the name and how you would like it to reflect on your blog. 

Do not use hyphens and numbers

Do not use things like numbers and hyphens when you pick a name for your travel blog. You will have a hard time explaining the name to people who ask about it. Make sure that the name is easily explained to anybody even over the phone. Imagine having to give the alpha numeric to a domain name with hyphens and numbers?

Avoid clichés

Why use something overrated when you can easily pick something unique? For example, if you are going to be speaking about lodging naming it “best Wellington accommodation apartments in Europe” will not be a very creative idea. Besides, when you pick a common name, there is always the chance that many other blogs might also share the same or a similar name.

Think if the name will work long-term

If you are thinking about connecting your age to the name of your blog, think again. Age is variable and you might have to change your name all the time. The importance of branding your product is just as important as how you brand yourself. Sometimes you have to think about whether this is what you would like to do for the moment or if this is something you would make your income from when you are fifty plus as well. Decide your name depending on that. Make sure that it includes a part of you that you know will never change.