Extended Stay Hotels: What Are They?

Gaspar Amador   August 17, 2016   Comments Off on Extended Stay Hotels: What Are They?

If you will be staying away from home over a long period of time then you should opt for an extended stay hotel. Extended stay hotels aim at making your stay affordable while creating a home away from home experience for you. The space that is provided by the hotels is larger. It also offers more amenities that are focused on the needs of the leisure, business or relocation travelers. Some of the main advantages are a 24hour laundry service and kitchen.

One feature of the extended stay hotels is the studio suites. These suites are bigger than the average rooms and more economical than the corporate apartments. They are usually located near convenience stores and metro areas to give more ease to its clientele. One such example is the Margaret river resort located ten minutes from the Margaret river town center.

Other additional services you can get from an extended stay hotel are high speed internet services and a data port. These hotels provide a good option for persons travelling and who are in need of a place to stay for a week or even more. They also provide good family accommodation for families vacationing on a budget and who need large rooms. Some hotels provide personalized voicemail and unlimited usage of the phone for local calls. Some have large outdoor or indoor swimming pools and a gymnasium.The extended hotels have kitchens that are fully equipped with appliances such as a fridge, tea/coffee maker, cooking utensils, microwave, dishes and a dining table all at no additional costs.

Extended stay hotels are most beneficial for persons who are: working on a long term project that keeps them away from their homes, families that are remodeling their house, person(s) visiting relatives living in a different location, people who want some time alone to resolve personal or family issues, a person who is relocating to a place that is new. Get detailed info about airbnb rentals in Sydney

So how does one get the best deal on extended stay hotels?
The quickest and easiest way is to utilize technology. Enter the type of hotel and the location you are seeing into a search engine in the internet to get a list. Some hotels have websites that have the virtual tour feature. This feature allows you to take a peak of the virtual hotel and give you a feel of the services and amenities the hotel provides. After you have made your decision you can make your booking online and pay in advance as well. For people traveling for business purposes, it would be good to find out if the hotel has any special discounts for your organization. You can enquire from your work colleagues who have stayed in the hotel (s) for any tips that would best meet your requirements

If you are taking a vacation and need good accommodation, you could look into booking into an extended hotel during the off peak season. This way you will be able to negotiate on the charges. You will also get to enjoy some free perks that most hotels offer competitively during low seasons.