Different Types Of Accommodation & How To Pick The Right Accommodation

Gaspar Amador   September 7, 2016   Comments Off on Different Types Of Accommodation & How To Pick The Right Accommodation

So where do motels come into this? Are motels suitable accommodation for your holiday needs or should you avoid motels at all costs like the plague? This depends on your needs because there are definite advantages of staying in a motel which could be very beneficial.

Are hotels and motels the only type of accommodation that you should be looking at if you are thinking about going on holiday? Are there other forms of accommodation in between the spectrum of the luxury of hotels and pragmatism of motels?

Yes there are and here are some of the other forms of accommodation.


Although motels are very cheap, the cheapest form of accommodation you will probably come across is the hostel.

Hostels are accommodation where, basically, there are beds for hire and all you have to do is pay for one. Pretty simple, isn’t it? A hostel definitely is simple but there quite a few disadvantages of this form of accommodation and the negatives can outweigh the positives.

In a hostel you will not only have to share a room but you willalso have to share the facilities with a number of other people. This can be quite frustrating because you have no privacy, so the price may be cheaper than a motel but hostels are a lot more hassle than a motel.


Apartments are a great form of accommodation if you can afford them. 

They are private, clean and are just like being at home. However with this form of mission beach accommodation QLD you need the money because apartments are a lot more expensive than motels and hostels and just as expensive as a hotel.


The B&B is a very popular form of accommodation because they are generally very nice places to stay. Most are clean and tidy and you get the privacy of your own room, well also being very affordable.