Book Your Dream Vacation

Gaspar Amador   April 18, 2016   Comments Off on Book Your Dream Vacation

If you have been saving up for months or even years to try and go on your dream vacation and have finally decided to take the plunge then congratulations! You deserve a restful or fun break at your dream destination. If you are a little worried about travelling abroad, especially on a budget have no fear! Our handy travel tips are sure to address some of the questions or concerns you may have…

Where to go

You will want to start by looking at how you are going to get yourself to your ideal location! Also consider whether you want a relaxing holiday or a more adventurous one. Do you want the freedom to make your own plans or is a tour more your thing? Check online for great rates or speak to your travel agent about seasonal deals or offers they may have. One of the best options in terms of accommodation today is not to stay at a hotel which is either very expensive or can turn out to be a bit of a rip off, is to instead look at renting a room or house. For instance, Airbnb property managers often have beautiful homes available at very reasonable rates!

Furthermore, with Airbnb property managers the place you stay at is guaranteed to be in perfect service line with the images you see online and you can decide based on the reviews fellow travellers have given them!

Make an itinerary

You will also want to look at making a travel itinerary just to keep yourself organised. Even if you plan on staying in one place note down the dates and times of your flights and arrange for taxis to get you to and from the airport ahead of time. This will save you from rushing and can prevent you from running late or missing a flight or train. Even with potential site seeing that you may do make a list of place you want to visit – even if it is just a series of beaches – so that you can check on their location, entry fees and transport to and from the sites. It is best to stay organised at all times especially when travelling abroad.

Stay safe

Finally, stay safe. Travellers are often the victims of petty theft and be aware that you may be asked to pay more than the going rate if a vendor realizes that you are a foreigner. Check with locals or online what standard taxi fares and the prices of food and trinkets are – if you seem aware of the actual prices you are less likely to be taken advantage of! Also look after your cash and passports, you do not want to lose those!