A Great Place To Shoot: Indoor Photography

Gaspar Amador   August 7, 2017   Comments Off on A Great Place To Shoot: Indoor Photography

One of the things that budding photographers find difficult to do, is find great indoor locations for them to shoot their models in. Natural locations are easier because as soon as you walk outdoors there will be at least a blade of grass that looks interesting. It’s much more difficult with indoor locations, what with getting permission to shoot as well as considering lighting and other fixtures. Here are some suggestions to get hotels near terminal 21 shopping mall the ball rolling.

The Hospitality Industry

Hotels, restaurants, rest and guest houses and other establishments in the hospitality industry are great locations to shoot because they are always built with the express purpose of being aesthetically pleasing. Everything, from a doorway to a window to the view to the floor, is designed by professionals, and the ‘look’ keeps getting updates every few years. Even places that put more emphasis on preserving their historical look can be a great canvas because then you can do great period shoots there. It is also very easy to get permission to shoot here because these places are always looking to get publicity. All you have to do is promise (and then honour) an acknowledgement or credit whenever you are publishing the images.

Forgotten Architecture

Abandoned buildings make a great location for center point hotel sukhumvit because of many reasons. Often, the owners don’t really care what you do there as long as you don’t destroy the property. Abandoned properties often have a vibe that connects it to its golden era and artists can make use of that to inspire their photo shoots and costuming. Because it is abandoned, it will also be much easier to schedule and actually carry out photo shoots because there won’t be crowds of people gawking or even working there. Buildings that were abandoned a long time ago will also look very different from modern architecture, creating interesting angles and lines for a photographer.

Modern Offices

Nowadays, corporate offices are designed with a lot of things in mind. CEOs and owners want buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, creative and also comfortable for its employees. There are plenty of iconic buildings in famous cities with equally iconic bits of architecture. Getting permission to shoot will be more difficult and might require more negotiation, and shooting schedules might have to be altered so that it doesn’t interfere with the everyday business of the office, but depending on how creative the designs are you will be rewarded with some awesome pictures. These are only a few suggestions, but once you start knocking on some doors, you will be able to find a lot of interesting places to shoot in.