7 Amazing Beaches To Visit In The World

Gaspar Amador   August 27, 2015   Comments Off on 7 Amazing Beaches To Visit In The World

Beaches can be breathtaking. The crystal blue water and the frothy waves lapping on the golden sandy beach. There are several beaches you could visit if you are looking for a great beach vacation. Here are some for you to consider for your beach holiday:

Seychelles by the sea shore!

Seychelles is a great place to be photographed as the sandy beaches make a great beach vacation spot. Seychelles is the one of the photographed beaches in the world with the pale, pinky sandy beach. The sand sparkles against the back drop of great granite boulder. The backdrop of great granite boulders effected by time and weather. The water which is shallow and is protected by the ocean reef.

Maldives a group of islands

If you dream of a tropical vacation Maldives is the place with the beach accommodation in the middle of the ocean. A great place for a honeymoon or for snorkeling. Maldives is southwest the equator, 1102 islands making up 26 atolls.

Oh Tahiti!

Tahiti or Bora Bora is a magical island in the French Polynesia of found in the coast of the South Pacific. The land lies near a lagoon which is cornered by pearl colored shore lines near the Matira area. Tahiti or Bora Bora is known for its intimacy and lonely beaches, relaxed atmosphere and personalized hotels. It’s a great place for a couple looking to rekindle their love!

The preppy Hamptons

Most of us would have seen the Hamptons on the TV show Gossip Girl show casing, its amazing detail for poise and character. The beaches are beautiful and unspoiled with great dunes looking into the great Atlantic Ocean!

Lush Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its Hulu dancers and volcanoes. It comprises of palm trees with endless sunshine all day long. Lanikai has the most scenic beaches and the shore is covered in coral reef too. The kids can bath in the North Atlantic or surfside which are great for castle building. Madaket beach is good for its sunsets. Hawaii has many different styles of beach accommodation http://www.pavillions1770.com.au/ ranging from villas to cabanas.

Ecology favorite Fraser Island Australia

Fraser Island is perched on Queensland which is northeast of Brisbane. Fraser is large and home to a great beach. The beauty of its lush tropical greenery filled with rain forests makes it an ecological heaven.

The great Langkawi in Malaysia

The term Langkawi is related to one’s wishes. A great landfilled with historic origins of pirates. It is a great place for a traveler trying to escape.  Your vacation can extend to quiet white sandy beaches and clear water. You will be happy at Langkawi.

Remember to pick the write destination based on your needs and if you are travelling with family. Do not choose lonely, quiet places for a family trip. Make sure you have a budget in mind!