4 Tips To Finding The Right Hostel For You

Gaspar Amador   May 18, 2017   Comments Off on 4 Tips To Finding The Right Hostel For You

Finding a hostel that is perfect for you can be a tiresome task. Especially with all those options available. Finding the perfect hostel without compromising on your safety and comfort can be hard. Which is why we spoke to some people who are living in hostels to find out how they came to choose their hostel or find affordable accommodation Wellington CBD. And most importantly was it perfect for them? Read below to find out.

Research and Review

The easiest way to come up with the available hostel facilities in a particular town or country is to do some research. You can either research online or check in newspaper listings. Some of these hostel facilities have review pages online. You can check their rating and reviews by people who either lived there or still live there. You can also post queries about a particular hostel online like yahoo answers to see if people actually know of the hostel and what they think of it.


You cannot simply believe all that is advertised or said online. You need to go and physically visit the hostel to know the truth. You mark all the prospective hostels and travel with either friend or families beforehand before deciding on a particular one. If it is not possible for you to go visit the hostel try to at least link someone living in the area to go check it up for you. It is important that you check the interiors and the people living there before you make your payments and settle in there. As most of the time you will be in a new city or country with no or little prior knowledge of the area!


Living in a hostel will definitely need your compromise. But make sure not to compromise on your safety. But when it comes to comfort, it may be impossible to find the most comfortable hostel within your budget. Also some hostels may not have all the facilities you require. So you will need to compromise. You can always move to a better hostel that fits your budget after you get settled in the city. You will also need to adjust to the different kinds of people you may meet in the hostel with an open mind. You don’t want to be regarded as a bigot or worse an enemy. So make sure to be nice and friendly to all, all the while being safe.

Ask around

To find the perfect hostel you may need to ask around in the locality of all the available hostels. When you are visiting the locality of your prospective hostel, make sure to ask around for other probable hostel facilities that are available. Not all do online or newspaper listings. Talking with the locals will also give you a head start on how people behave there. Make sure to not shy away. Be confident and talk to many people as possible to ensure the culture is suitable and you have an amazing time while there!